2014 musings

As I settle into 2015, and the experiences of last year continue to gel, I’m struck by how many lessons there were, and how much I’m still integrating.

Here’s the deal: for me, 2014 was a jarring blend of amazing moments, deeply touching emotions, and letting go and loss.

Instead of a 2014 year in review, like I did for 2013, I decided that I wanted to share some takeaways that were crucial for me, that perhaps you may relate to.

1. I’ve learned there’s no right way to mourn.

We all do it in our own way; just own it, and don’t feel you need to explain your process to ANYBODY.

Enough said on that one.

2. The small moments really can be just as enjoyable as the out-of-sight ones.

This is something I’ve intellectually known for years. Last year, I LIVED it.

For me, this experience included letting go of a lot of self-pressure that I didn’t even realize I was harboring.

I appreciated the experience immensely! At the same time, I was blown away by how much strain I’d been putting on myself – completely unknown to me until it was gone!

It goes without saying that Zurac was a huge help in the unfolding of this awareness…

3. Empowerment is a living, breathing creature.

It’s NOT a solid state that one just reaches, and then bam, that’s all there is to it. It’s a dance, a state of flux, an embracing of what comes…

It is a knowing that it’s gonna be ok. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t, but it still IS.

And yes, Zurac was VERY present for me as I solidified this awareness!

This will sound super-familiar to the attendees of February’s empowerment workshop.

(Did you miss it? No worries, we’re teaching again in August!)

There’s more, but I want to keep this (relatively) brief.

I hope, for myself and for you, that we experience our ongoing adventures with grace, expansion, and an embracing of these gifts, our learnings.

And, we’re available, when you’re building your support team to soothe, amp up, or clarify your own journey.


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