A little bit of self-care…



Autumn has been interesting. I’ve been feeling like many aspects of my life are in transition, and at the same time, I’m really enjoying my ease with that experience.

I’m feeling no pressure, and I’m enjoying my forays into self-care in a different way then I have in the past. At the risk of sounding like a cliche, I’m experiencing the moment, and spending far less time looking to the future, in the hopes of controlling or predicting what is coming. Sound familiar? ūüėČ

Earlier this month my boo and I decided to head to the mountains to enjoy the cooler weather and some (hopefully) changing foliage colors. I had no cell service and a pretty poor wireless connection, so I was completely out of touch for 2 days, which felt, surprisingly, just fine.

We had a blast! ūüôā

I wrote about our experience on the Gaia blog; check it out right here.

I hope you’re enjoying the season, and your experiences with growth and change. Big hugs, y’all.

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