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Hi, I’m Maria Moraca. I’m a channeler, energy worker, and acupuncturist.

I excel at assisting people who want something for themselves and in empowering them along the way. I’ve been aiding and abetting discerning explorers and seekers since 1996.

Do you want to learn about and liberate old patterns (behavioral, energetic, and soul-level) that affect your potential, your relationships, and your life?

Do you crave an understanding of what drives you?

Do you like to dig deep and learn about your subconscious motivators, self-criticizers, and self-sabotagers?

Are you in transition and wondering what comes next?

Are you moving right along at a steady pace, and wondering how to further optimize your achievements, progress and growth?


Then you’re in the right place.


We’ll explore the parts of you that don’t agree with what YOU want. You already know they’re in there – under the guise of fear, lack of productivity, unkind internal dialogue – let’s smoke ‘em out. It’s time for out with the old, in with the new.

It’s not always easy, but it can be graceful.


What are our amazing clients saying about us?


“I am so grateful that Maria has so graciously brought Zurac into my life, and look forward to my future sessions with great anticipation.”

“Maria’s channeling work is sensitive and wise… The guidance doesn’t always go where you expect it to, which adds to the feeling of receiving insight and help from some place deeper than the surface level of mind. The information shifts easily back and forth from everyday concerns to a larger perspective of what’s going on underneath it all, in the subconscious or even on a soul level.”

“Thank you Maria and Zurac, I feel a total sense of inner peace after the session, and I completely felt Zurac shifting the energy in my left hip. It was amazing!”


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I embraced the entrepreneurial life when I was 22. Got the ball rolling in 1995 with massage therapy school, and have since added acupuncture and energy work study, Processology™, and channeling training (with James Tolchard, co-developer of the Processology of Human Development™).

All of these skills (and experiences building them) dovetailed very nicely with my own desire for personal growth. In my early 20’s I didn’t term it personal growth though; I just knew I wanted something MORE. I wanted to be happier, more independent, and able to effectively handle whatever came my way with poise and finesse. (Spoiler: I did not always succeed.) Thinking of these wants in terms of spirituality and my personal journey came a bit later.

Participating in the lives of all the people I worked with refined my intuition, distilled my various trainings, and further anchored my desire to continue with my craft. I am enduringly grateful for the trust of the people who work with me, and for the privilege of supporting them as they walk their road.

I work and play in Durham, NC.

In my downtime, I love to sew and craft, read, eat well, and enjoy life’s small pleasures with my husband.

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