April 2016 Outlook

“Please take the time to very carefully explore what it is you want. It is a very energetically-supported time to clarify your models. It is NOT that manifestation is happening much faster this month; what I mean is, you are energetically supported to dig more deeply and to grow your comfort with SPECIFICS.

This is what often occurs for people: they know they want something, but that something is a bit vague. They want to be happy, or to have a more fulfilling career, or to have a relationship with their soul mate.

These all sound very nice, however, they are QUITE non-specific.

There is often a lack of comfort in defining details or specifics of what you might want.

This is not very logical! It seems as if defining more clearly would be exciting!

However, what is happening for many people is that they are attempting to avoid disappointment. If they define what they want, then do not get it, they will be disappointed.

However, if they remain vague, then they can perhaps convince themselves they are pleased with what they do have, even if they are not.

I am speaking about a very specific context, here. I am NOT talking about making list of all of the things you want in a mate and then demanding of the person you are with that they meet all your expectation!

I AM referring to creating sharp images around what you want; I AM talking about defining your models on energy, manifestation, etc, more specifically.

This does not mean you need to have all of the answers; it does not mean you should try to convince others YOUR models are correct!

It simply means you are capable of much more clarity then you generally express, and it is a very useful time to shift this, this month…”

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