April 2017 Outlook

Many of you are noticing some internal shifts – these are shifts that are obvious to you, yet subtle – and you are having a hard time defining them! I will not choose this moment to suggest defining them is not necessary! Instead, I will suggest that what you may be experiencing is a desire for greater connection to self, and that many of you are indeed achieving this!

To explore this, it is necessary to quite intently put aside any desire for validation, emotional support, etc. from the outside world. This is is a temporary exercise!

After putting those desires aside, for now, in a box: consider yourself. How do you feel about yourself? And how is this different from how you perhaps felt about yourself 2 months ago?

Your sense of self solidifies when you, even temporarily, put aside the desire for outside validation or other input.

The next 5 weeks are a very good period to “shake loose” some parts of you that desire the outside world to “make everything ok.”

Now, many of you are experiencing a deeper awareness that is it simply not possible for the outside world to make your life ok! This is not news… however your understanding, your integration of this information, has deepened recently.

Many of you have parts that are ready to be released, parts that have always looked to the outside world for validation, even when you thought you were not doing so.

They will not dissipate of their own accord. This is a tenacious sort of energy that you must actively work with, with intent.

The next 5 weeks, you will have great support in doing so.

Know that there is potential for shake-ups with this exercise. Know that while you are supported, it does not mean all steps will feel good.

You will be further deepening a change, a shift, that has already begun. You will notice the effects of these changes quite quickly after this month is over.

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  1. Carole Farrington April 1, 2017 at 11:31 am

    I always “fear” the Mercury-In-Retrograde period. Even in trying to ignore it, when life and events tangle I ultimately blame it. Sigh.

    • Moraca April 16, 2017 at 5:18 pm

      Hope this outlooks helps with that, Carole!

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