August 2016 Outlook

For many of you, there is quite a lot of confusion happening in your worlds. Here is what is causing it: many, many changes have been occurring – and I refer to the internal, energetic type – and you are still very much sorting out WHERE YOU ARE NOW.

“Where you are now” could refer to how you feel about what is happening; it could refer to how you would like to feel; it also most certainly refers to how you view yourself, now!

Identity pieces are changing – at times very big, and ingrained ones! Pieces of yourself that you did not consider pieces, you just considered “you…”

This is happening! And it can be a bit discombobulating, or a bit shaky feeling; it is not exactly the same as feeling ungrounded, but it is similar!

Now. Take it easy on yourself and do not try to force this re-alignment towards your new self-awareness; this new version of you does not include space for self-judgment!

Do not be surprised if this confusion continues for a time. For some moments, confusion may be too strong of a word. The sense that you are not quite as “knowing” what to expect about how you may feel is an example; or that you may feel differently about a situation that you have felt the same about for a very long time – and this will be surprising to you!

It is a very good time to pay attention to how you are ACCEPTING what you are experiencing.

Because some for these changes that you have experienced these last months are still processing, it would be quite easy to assume you feel the same way you have always felt – it will take some attention to notice there has been a change!

Many of these feeling-changes can be quite subtle, despite their power, and it takes conscious effort to not fall into the automatic pattern of “how you used to feel” and to take note of – and please celebrate! – the changes.

This “processing” period will take another month or more. Again, do not rush, and do not lose track of your changes. Take time to be with self and to notice what is different for you, and add it into your tallying, your list, of how you perceive self.

Identity-changes are potentially the most difficult to process, energetically, and also the type that are most easily not-integrated.

Your time and attention and conscious allowing of these shifts is necessary this month!

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