August 2017 Outlook

Pay close attention to your ways of thinking in terms of “others.” This “others” can refer to other people, known or unknown to you. It can also refer to groups of people, known or unknown to you.

It is quite easy to lump people who have certain ideals or behaviors together as one. This is also potentially lazy thinking!

There is a way that when a group is lumped together, they are defined, and then they are dismissed.

This dismissal is not about them!

It is about you, and what this dismissal then allows you to miss about yourself.

When you decry others for behaviors or beliefs, and dismiss them, you are missing an opportunity to check in with Self about how you perhaps have a version of those same behaviors, or beliefs.

It’s not about the detail of a behavior, it’s about the big picture.

You may criticize someone for not listening to new ideas; that is the detail. The big picture is the pattern of behavior that many, many people have of not allowing their tightly-held mindsets and beliefs to be poked!

When you dismiss others for a belief or behavior you have decided is unsavory, it limits you from recognizing where you may also exhibit some of the same patterns.

This month is a wonderful time to dig in deeply to observe some parts of yourself that you perhaps would rather not see.

Assist yourself in doing so by paying attention to who triggers or angers you the most, and use it as a starting place… You WILL be energetically supported in this endeavor…

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