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Happy New Year! And a quick update…

If you’re reading this, you may be looking for Zurac’s monthly Outlook. I’m taking a break from posting these regularly. They’ll probably become occasional messages from Z, instead of monthly missives. My time spent blogging has reduced over the last few years, mainly due to an increase in clients (thank you!). I’m not sure what [...]

November 2017 Outlook

Some of you are thinking quite a lot about empowerment. You are checking in on your definitions of it; you are considering changing or expanding those definitions; and some of you are realizing that what you considered empowerment in the past, is not empowerment at all! This is a very lovely time to take some [...]

October 2017 Outlook

There is a way to find a lightness of energy when everything around you feels heavy. There is a way to grasp at a feeling of centeredness when the world around you is fast and loud and triggering. There is a way to dip your toes in a gentle, running stream when your external world [...]

September 2017 Outlook

Practice finding your strength in Self, this month. There are many places people find strength; in friends or family; in self-care practices; there is also a sort of false strength that comes from certain behaviors, for example turning to food or cigarettes when one is feeling stress… this is a defensive move, however it is [...]

August 2017 Outlook

Pay close attention to your ways of thinking in terms of “others.” This “others” can refer to other people, known or unknown to you. It can also refer to groups of people, known or unknown to you. It is quite easy to lump people who have certain ideals or behaviors together as one. This is [...]

July 2017 Outlook

Dig deep; remember WHO YOU ARE. Continue to delve into your core and to know YOU better and better. Give yourself permission to leave behind parts of you that no longer serve. This includes beliefs and mindsets; however it also includes friends, jobs, hobbies, physical items, and, perhaps most importantly, stories that you tell about [...]

June 2017 Outlook

It is a wonderful time to take stock of what you know, about YOU. What are your skills, your qualities, your strengths? Think outside of the box in this regard! Recognize that you have more skills then you have acknowledged. Get to know these skills intimately. Have them on a list, or name them in [...]

May 2017 Outlook

This month will be interesting, for many of you. Yes, I am aware of all of the connotations of this word! There will be quite a bit of what feels like instability. There will be quite a bit of potential disappointment. This is not a warning, per se! It is a suggestion that you take [...]

April 2017 Outlook

Many of you are noticing some internal shifts – these are shifts that are obvious to you, yet subtle – and you are having a hard time defining them! I will not choose this moment to suggest defining them is not necessary! Instead, I will suggest that what you may be experiencing is a desire [...]

March 2017 Outlook

Paying attention to how you FEEL, truly feel, is a form, a method, of noticing intuition. Now: There IS anxiety being felt about, say, the state of the world, and that makes it a bit difficult to know if what you are feeling is fear, or your intuition. I will suggest: Fear and intuition cannot [...]