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Mercury possibilities…

And in the midst of all of this, Mercury goes retrograde... dang! Read on for what Zurac has to say about this mini-phase... Z – Many of you are aware, this Mercury retrograde period is occurring within a larger period of time that has been quite full of struggle for many. So please understand, there [...]

September 2015 Outlook

There are many, many events happening in your world. It is quite easy to feel as if you have no control; as if you have no idea what may happen next; and as if you have no say in what your future holds. I am aware of these feelings that many people are having! This [...]

Timely commentary from Z

Maria here. A client who asks great, big-picture questions during his channeling sessions was having quite a conversation with Z about "all of this stuff going on" in the world. He was referring to the strain, and the changes, and the unexpected events that many people have been experiencing. He's kindly given his permission to [...]

August 2015 Outlook

There will be a bit of a continuation, this month, of old, sometimes forgotten patterns re-emerging. This is simply the phase of time you are in; it is NOT, I would like to repeat, it is NOT a commentary about YOU. This is something that many, many people are experiencing and it does not reflect [...]

July 2015 Outlook

I am wishing for all of you a smooth, lively month! Expect some surprises. Expect some triggers that you thought you had worked through. This is not a warning; it is rather a suggestion that you pay special attention. It would be quite easy to put one’s focus on the outside world as the cause [...]

June 2015 Outlook

I enjoy these Outlooks. This is an opportunity for me to connect with a wide group, although sometimes, it is a bit difficult to follow a line of suggestion that would relate to many of you who are reading. This is one of these months. There is quite a lot of potential activity this month [...]

Nashville review

Our trip to Tennessee last week was AMAZING. I know I'm a bit of a gusher, but I just can't help it when we are meeting such cool people! Our Hendersonville event (thanks Dee!) was very introspective, relaxed, and insightful. Zurac was a very calming presence, and answered questions with precise ease. Everyone was very [...]

Mercury, Mercury according to Zurac

I can talk about this month’s Mercury retrograde; most of you are already feeling the effects! The buildup to this has been quite intense, and a bit longer then normal. This tension, annoyance, anxiety, you have been feeling is indeed due to this Mercury retrograde. This is very much about NOT pointing the finger outside [...]

May 2015 Outlook

This month is a very, very wonderful time for you to continue building your skills of self-care. I speak of this self-care quite often! I’d like to specifically suggest, this month, that you pay close attention to what your reactions are when you perceive that someone is poking at you in a way that you [...]

2014 musings

As I settle into 2015, and the experiences of last year continue to gel, I’m struck by how many lessons there were, and how much I’m still integrating. Here’s the deal: for me, 2014 was a jarring blend of amazing moments, deeply touching emotions, and letting go and loss. Instead of a 2014 year in [...]