Big thank you’s and wahoo’s abound…

Our trip to Tennessee was a rousing success! (Insert appreciative noises and happy faces here!)

First, I want to thank my lovely hosts/allies/bosom buddies Tracey and Dee. Y’all are teaching me what it means to be supported in this physical realm. I appreciate the lesson, and the myriad gifts that are attached. You ladies rock.

Our Tennessee adventure started off with Zurac’s first-ever class in Tullahoma.

Zurac was, in a word, AMAZING. He jumped right in and began by sharing some of what we’d be experiencing in these changing times. He also offered multiple tools we could use for our personal energy release.

The room was FULL of what I teasingly call “unpaid participants.” There was lots of energy in attendance that wanted to experience the energy shifts Zurac was offering. I’ve noticed this before during group events, but this was by far the largest non-physical group we’ve had!

This class was the first in a 2-part course. The second class, May 15th, will be a follow-up Q&A. If you couldn’t make it to April’s class, no worries, you can purchase the audio by clicking here.

To our trail-blazing Tullahoma group: you are all awesome! Z and I both love how you are pursuing your goals, and taking care of YOU. We’re looking forward to seeing you in May!

Check us out in this great pic!

tullahoma peeps 1

Our next “wahoo!” was a group channeling event in Hendersonville, just outside of Nashville.

We had the event in a lovely home with a new friend (thanks Kay!) who was as welcoming as could be. We met a bunch of new peeps, experienced a communal, supportive energy (provided by our attendees!), and Zurac also worked his energetic magic in the room. 

Check out this cool snap taken by a participant:

z orb 1

Zurac made a special type of appearance, methinks…

In between events we did private sessions, met even more new peeps, and solidified some plans for the Galactic Expo in May. We’ll be there, in Booth 82, with mini-sessions and smiles for everyone…

In short, Tennessee was a blast! We are looking forward to May and whatever new experiences are in store 🙂

Much gratitude, appreciation, and energetic support is winging its way to every single one of you…

Much love,

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