Bigger and bigger…

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My summer was chock full of change. Some of it was really, really great; some, not so much. Summer was so full, in fact, that I didn’t take the time to integrate all of the shifts I’d experienced.

I had some unexpected down-time this month, so I consciously spent that time relaxing, feeling my emotions, integrating my changes, and making decisions…

I am SO glad to have had the space to do so.

Some of what I thought about was loss; about what I categorize as such, how I feel about it, and how I want to revamp my models on it.

Here’s the deal: Loss HAS an affect on the heart. There’s no getting around that.

When we experience loss, our hearts can get smaller, and harder, and more possessive of the fine moments. We can want to hold everything we have too close, for fear of it slipping away.

Or… our hearts can grow larger. They can drink in the pieces of those we’ve loved; they can revel in the memories of our experiences; our hearts can be fed and nurtured by our emotions and feelings.

It may not feel like it when we’re in the throes of grief… but we do have a choice.

Eventually, the time comes when it’s appropriate for us to decide which direction we’ll encourage our hearts to take.

I’m going big. My heart is full, and I’m looking forward to watching it grow…

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