2017 Jan. 30

February 2017 Outlook


There is a great sense of discontent that many people are experiencing right now. Do not think that this has only to do with what has occurred with the US election. Yes, there are many people who did not get what they wanted, and they are very unhappy about that… However, MANY people are feeling [...]

2017 Jan. 2

January 2017 Outlook


Pay close attention to how you are feeling over the next few months. There is quite a sense of powerlessness that many of you are experiencing. This is not news; and many of you have very specific reasons why you are feeling this way! That said: consider that all of your beliefs, mindsets, etc. were, [...]

2016 Nov. 28

December 2016 Outlook


First, know, in terms of what you are personally experiencing, in terms of your attention to emotion, to the energetics of change, the reality of expanding and shifting your experiences: This month will be a blossoming. There has been a long period of being quiet, assessing, considering, re-deciding, for some of you. This month you [...]

2016 Oct. 31

November 2016 Outlook


What I am saying will resonate VERY much for some of you: this month will continue to be an experience – an ordeal, perhaps! – in having many, many opportunities to address OLD triggers. You are well-equipped to do so! This does not mean you always FEEL well-equipped… but you are! You are prepared for [...]

2016 Oct. 1

October 2016 Outlook


Pay very close attention to what you are experiencing, this month. What I mean is, take the time to scrape away your outer, tough layer; the face you show the world; the version of “you” that shows up to work, to friends, even to family, and is known as the one who “gets things done.” [...]

2016 Aug. 29

September 2016 Outlook


Expect a bit more ease, this month, then you have been experiencing. There will be shifts for you to process, yes – however there will be more of a lull then in the past few months. This simply means that you are supported, by this planet you step on daily, to process these changes of [...]

2016 Aug. 1

August 2016 Outlook


For many of you, there is quite a lot of confusion happening in your worlds. Here is what is causing it: many, many changes have been occurring – and I refer to the internal, energetic type – and you are still very much sorting out WHERE YOU ARE NOW. “Where you are now” could refer [...]

2016 Jun. 29

July 2016 Outlook


This month is, in a way, a continuation of last, in terms of the types of experiences many of you will have. Tensions are high. There have been many triggering moments, and some resultant confusion, for many of you! The amount of information you are learning from these triggered moments has been a bit overwhelming [...]

2016 May. 30

June 2016 Outlook


This month is a very good time to pay attention to what you are noticing about YOU. I will be more specific, here! This month and beyond will be a time in which you will notice that a side of you that you have tucked away; or perhaps explained away, or otherwise made unimportant, will [...]

2016 Apr. 28

May 2016 Outlook


“This month some of the frustration that many people have been feeling will be lifting; there will be an easing, of sorts, and many of you will appreciate this change! What WILL be a common experience will be the sense that there is something coming, something that you have been waiting for… It is not [...]