Cambodia photos

…of my (very) recent trip. Enjoy!

Angor Wat





That’s Angor Wat in the background ūüôā





Inside Angor Wat.


These steps to the tower were even steeper then they look! People were going down them backwards like they were on a ladder.


View from the tower; check out that surrounding jungle!


Most of the staircases at Angor Wat were off limits, including this one.


Detail on one of the interior walls. So hard to imagine all this work being done by hand…

Ta Prohm Temple


This is my favorite image, and probably my favorite temple we visited. I LOVED the energy here.


Inside the walls.


There is renovation work happening on this temple;¬†it is¬†so beautiful as¬†it is, that it’s hard for me to imagine it without the rubble.














Of the temples we visited, this one was the most overgrown with trees. Bad for the structure, oh-so-striking to see, though.


Another favorite image…

Preah Khan


Another gorgeous¬†temple, and far fewer (other) tourists. Our tuk tuk driver told us the tour buses don’t usually go to this particular site.


Vibrantly colored offerings. The entire Angor complex are all active Buddhist temples, and it is requested that visitors behave and dress accordingly.
























My boo caught me resting after checking out the rockin’ foo dog statues. It was winter in Cambodia, but still quite hot in the sun in the afternoon.

Bayon Temple


Classic Buddha shot. I couldn’t resist ūüėČ




























At Bayon, the upper level of the structure is filled with these towers, all carved with Buddha faces.

Banteay Srey


This is a temple structure in miniature, comparatively. It is smaller in size then the others in Angor, and has handled the passing years more gracefully.


The carvings on the buildings were far less eroded then in the other temples.


This was a sweet gazebo on the grounds of the temple.

It was a treat to experience the energy of all the temples we toured. According to me, they were all very different, and yet pleasing in their own way.

If you’re interested in a visual on location of the temples, here’s a link to the map we used.

The entire trip was wonderful. We loved our temple hikes, ate well, explored Siem Reap (the bustling town nearest Angor) and stayed in a fancy-pants hotel. Cambodians are gracious, and very kind to the visitors of their country.

Thanks for checking out our pics ūüôā¬†Big hugs!

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  1. Diane Dill January 26, 2015 at 10:56 am

    Breathtaking photos! Thank you for sharing them. As amazing as the pics are I can barely imagine what it must have been like in real time!

    • Maria Moraca January 26, 2015 at 11:37 am

      Breathtaking is a good word! Also a little surreal, after so many years of seeing photos, to actually be there!

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