April 2016 Outlook

“Please take the time to very carefully explore what it is you want. It is a very energetically-supported time to clarify your models. It is NOT that manifestation is happening much faster this month; what I mean is, you are energetically supported to dig more deeply and to grow your comfort with SPECIFICS. This is [...]

March 2016 Outlook

What many people will continue to experience this month are episodes of feeling quite triggered, with great confusion as to the “why.” So, feeling deep and intense emotion about something that occurs, without being able to come up with an explanation that feels rational to you; and many of you recognize just how frustrating of [...]

We’re made of lies and stardust

Maria here. I was talking to a friend this week about how even the most well-intentioned of us tell untruths. It's not purposeful. It's the effect of being human. We don't quite know what we want, or we express before we've really given the matter appropriate consideration. Maybe we’re speaking from a particular emotion, or [...]

February 2016 Outlook

You are entering into a phase of surprising triggers. You are entering into a phase in which many of you are experiencing challenges you did not expect to experience! Areas that you had not foreseen would cause you to react, to be triggered, etc. Here's what is happening: it is NOT that these challenges are [...]

January 2016 Outlook

This month, it is a common time to re-evaluate, reassess, check in with self. Please, take the time to do all of these things. I believe you will find that some old beliefs you had, and that you may still be assuming that you have, no longer fit for you. I believe you may enjoy [...]

December 2015 Outlook

This month will be a very well-timed experiment in evaluating where you stand with “seeking approval” from the outside world. You will have many opportunities to check in on this part of your experience! Extrapolate a bit on what “seeking approval” means, for you. There are the classic examples; however, there are many, more subtle [...]

November 2015 Outlook

This month will be a very, very appropriate time to explore what is happening in your inner world. There have been many changes! Much of this has happened so quickly, and without prior notice, and you have not even had a moment to check in and feel your current, today feelings! You may still be [...]

High Vibe much?

This is an excerpt from a recent High Vibe Bite, a new email offering I haven’t “officially” announced yet. Click here for more details on this lovely little self-care tool. Zurac’s comments, below, are in response to a question someone sent in. Zurac let her know what beliefs were triggered for her personally, but for [...]

October 2015 Outlook

There will be a certain similarity to your experiences this month as in recent ones. You are indeed in an energetic phase, as a planet, of great change! It is a wonderful opportunity to weed through your closets and to give away anything that no longer fits; anything that is old, and dusty; and anything [...]

Bigger and bigger…

  My summer was chock full of change. Some of it was really, really great; some, not so much. Summer was so full, in fact, that I didn’t take the time to integrate all of the shifts I’d experienced. I had some unexpected down-time this month, so I consciously spent that time relaxing, feeling my [...]