We’re made of lies and stardust

Maria here. I was talking to a friend this week about how even the most well-intentioned of us tell untruths. It's not purposeful. It's the effect of being human. We don't quite know what we want, or we express before we've really given the matter appropriate consideration. Maybe we’re speaking from a particular emotion, or [...]

Bigger and bigger…

  My summer was chock full of change. Some of it was really, really great; some, not so much. Summer was so full, in fact, that I didn’t take the time to integrate all of the shifts I’d experienced. I had some unexpected down-time this month, so I consciously spent that time relaxing, feeling my [...]

2014 musings

As I settle into 2015, and the experiences of last year continue to gel, I’m struck by how many lessons there were, and how much I’m still integrating. Here’s the deal: for me, 2014 was a jarring blend of amazing moments, deeply touching emotions, and letting go and loss. Instead of a 2014 year in [...]

For our bookworms…

I have a confession to make; I LOVE to read. There’s nothing I like more then an afternoon curled up on my couch with something well-written and thought-provoking. I used to think it was boring to say I liked to read; when someone asked what I did for fun, I might mention it, but it’d [...]

Noticed anything different around here?

I’m FINALLY getting around to mentioning our website update… y’know, the one that went live in October ;-) What a sweet new look! It’s easy to navigate, and I love the home page! I added lots of new images, and spruced up some of the writing, including the Q&A page. I also really wanted to [...]

Grab your personal power and…

Last week Zurac and I were privileged to teach a workshop at Simple Bliss Salon and Spa in Raleigh. Our topic was Empowerment (what else?). We had a REALLY tight group of folks. Everyone asked great questions, and there was a palpable sense of support for one another the entire day. Zurac was spot on [...]

Cambodia photos

...of my (very) recent trip. Enjoy! Angor Wat       That's Angor Wat in the background :-)       Inside Angor Wat. These steps to the tower were even steeper then they look! People were going down them backwards like they were on a ladder. [...]

And a move towards greater self-acceptance

Self-acceptance is a rather vague concept. We know we should be doing it, but how? I'm into doing. I like tools; I like solid steps; I like accomplishing. Check out my latest on this topic, with some concrete suggestions for DOING, here on the Gaia blog. You totally got this ;-)

A little bit of self-care…

  Autumn has been interesting. I've been feeling like many aspects of my life are in transition, and at the same time, I'm really enjoying my ease with that experience. I'm feeling no pressure, and I'm enjoying my forays into self-care in a different way then I have in the past. At the risk of [...]

Check me out!

I'm excited to report I'll be writing with regularity over at Gaia Conception's blog! I loooove Gaia's clothing, and Andrea (the owner/designer) has conceived and constructed her business in a manner that is very aligned with her authentic, purely-held views on what it means to be earth-friendly and ecologically sound. She is a shining example of staying true to [...]