Since I’m traveling this month, I’m recycling a Tiny Buddha article that feels quite timely at the moment. Click here for steps to clarify your, and only your, path. Here’s to leaving behind all those concerns about what others think, to free ourselves up for deciding where we’d really like to go… xo,

Book blurb

In this excerpt from "Handbook for Empowered Personal Growth" Zurac is talking about forgiving ourselves for past experiences or behaviors. I love his incisive, supportive comments. As always, Z nails it. His words are below, in italics: Forgiveness of oneself does not require complete exclusion of the behavior.  Releasing the past is not about cleaning the [...]

Summer news

Life’s been quite interesting around these parts lately. There have been lots of changes; some expected and welcomed, others, well… not so much. Here’s what I’ve learned: Unexpected and unhappy change can still be met with welcome, of a sort. This type of welcome does not include open arms, or excitement. Rather, it embodies acknowledgment, [...]

We love Tennessee!

We had such a great week! Zurac’s follow-up class in Tullahoma was fabulous. Our folks had SUCH GREAT QUESTIONS and wow, did he respond. These are not short and sweet answers: They are complex, layered, sensitive and sharp. The audio will be available soon ;-) Here’s a shot of me & Z in Tullahoma.   [...]

Let’s leave self-blame behind…

Ahhh, the myriad ways we self-flagellate… this can be a tough habit to break. Zurac has explained many times that we can confuse beating ourselves up with “learning our lesson.”  He is very clear that THIS IS NOT THE SAME THING. Check out my article (inspired by Z) on this topic right here. And, if [...]

Big thank you’s and wahoo’s abound…

Our trip to Tennessee was a rousing success! (Insert appreciative noises and happy faces here!) First, I want to thank my lovely hosts/allies/bosom buddies Tracey and Dee. Y’all are teaching me what it means to be supported in this physical realm. I appreciate the lesson, and the myriad gifts that are attached. You ladies rock. Our Tennessee [...]

Spring forward

We are full-on into the season of spring, the time of re-awakenings and transformations. It felt wonderful coming out of the darkness of the chilly season, into the light of a new phase of life. It gives me a little shiver of excitement to think of it! In March’s newsletter I asked: What have you [...]

Petra pics

Want to see some pictures from my very recent trip to Jordan? The main reason for traveling to Jordan was to visit the ancient city of Petra, which I've wanted to see since I was a kid. To get into Petra, you walk 3/4 of a mile through a narrow canyon called the Siq. This [...]


This is pretty much how I’m feeling about the next couple of weeks :-) I’ll be traveling and a bit slow to respond to emails from March 19 ’til the end of the month. Interested in where I’m going? This book I just finished reading will satisfy your curiosity. Now you know why I'm so [...]

Re-visiting the past… or not?

I wrote this article in response to hearing lots of folks lament the resurgence of "old" patterns. Old stuff popping up is an experience Zurac has mentioned (multiple times!) would be occuring, and based on what I've been hearing this year, he was right on target (no surprise there). I wanted to write about it, [...]