Kind words

* We received a really great, sweet card from a woman after her channeling session. She wrote the card TO Zurac, which tickled me to no end. When was the last time you received an actual card or letter, addressed to you? It's been a while for me. While I adore the convenience and speed [...]

My take on closure

(image by Dave Lawrence, cc-by-2.0) By now y'all know me and Tiny Buddha have a bit of a thing going on. (It's ok, my boo isn't the jealous type, and neither is Zurac.) I dig their helpful community, and they dig my writing style - we're a good match! Click here for my latest article that [...]

It’s all about you…

This Tiny Buddha article is especially close to my heart. I talk to many, many people who have a tough time putting themselves first, and who haven't quite yet built the skills to take care of themselves in a heart-centered way. I hope this article helps a bit. Click here. xo

Empowered motivation

At the time I wrote this article for Tiny Buddha, I was feeling a little down energy about executing my to-do list. I love, love, love visiting with clients and having sessions. That said, all the other bits that come with business running are not high on my list of fun. And if you know me, you [...]


As y'all know, I love me some Tiny Buddha. Click here to read my article they've posted, on transforming disappointment... How do you handle disappointing experiences? What tools do you use to shift your perspective? Re-vamping expectations is a wonderful skill to build :-) Have a great week!


I recently read about the Pay As You Wish (PAYW) model, and I decided immediately I wanted to start using it in the mp3 shop. My experience with the shop has been varied. I’ve been asked to offer the mp3’s for free; I’ve been told I don’t charge enough for them; and there have been [...]

A little Purpose Fairy for you

  Check out my most recent Purpose Fairy article by clicking here. The topic is procrastination, so I suggest you don't wait ;-) Have a great week!


  So this is pretty funny... this post was all set up for 10/21/13, or so I thought. Evidently I scheduled it, but didn’t hit the publish button. The irony is that October 21st was the first day of Mercury retrograde; I’m sure there’s some message in this, but I’ve no idea what it is [...]

In brief

I’m back from my July travels! I’ve been catching up, re-acclimating to NC, and preparing for our channeling trip to Tennessee later this month (dates and details here). I know I gushed about SF (blog post here), but Oregon wins the prize! Our channeling event was so fun, and I met (so many!) great people. [...]