Show a little love…

Over at Tiny Buddha, they have ever so kindly posted another of my articles right here. Portland is a damn fun city. I'm having a blast, and meeting wonderful, open-minded people. There is an easy sort of flow here I'm not sure I've experienced elsewhere. Talk soon,    

SF Snaps

"San Francisco has only one drawback - 'tis hard to leave." Rudyard Kipling I did not expect to dig this city as much as I have. The people are very friendly; it's beautiful; and while I know the weather can be schizophrenic, I've been blessed with sun and generally warm temperatures. From what I've seen, [...]

News for July

Hi y’all! Just wanted to post a quick update... I’m traveling in July! I’ll be in San Francisco, Oregon, and Seattle. As you can imagine, I’m pretty excited, and looking forward to introducing Zurac to a lovely new group of seekers and adventurers! At this point, the only event that’s open to the public is [...]

Another perspective

Check out this really thought-provoking interview with a psychologist who does past life regression work with his clients. It’s interesting to read a “scientific” take on a traditionally metaphysical topic. I am ALWAYS interested to hear what Zurac says to people about past lives, and how those past lives are having an affect on their [...]

New article on a new blog…

Check out my new article on the awesome Purpose Fairy blog. I really enjoy some of the articles on this site; head on over and show a little love! Have a wonderful week!    

April appreciation

The last 10 days have been so great! Zurac and I had (awesome) events in three new locations, and we leave for Nashville (another new spot) this week. I want to thank everyone who came out to the events, as well as everyone who helped make ‘em happen, by hosting, talking us up, and sharing [...]

New article…

on Tiny Buddha: Releasing Expectations: 4 Ways To Live Your Life for You... continue reading here   Have a wonderful week!    

An update from Maria (updated!)

The last six weeks have been a blur! There have been lots of lovely new people wanting sessions, inspiring social interactions, and a small but healthy dose of “me” time. I am appreciating the warmer weather and longer days; the connections I am making with new and old friends; and the enjoyment and pleasure with [...]