Exciting news!

Our very first e-book is in our new-ish More Offerings shop! Here’s the scoop: This is the transcription of all of the 2013 “Conversations with Zurac” audio files. It is titled, VERY appropriately, “Handbook for Empowered Personal Growth.”  This is the real deal, y’all. Regardless of how you define personal growth for yourself, you’ll find [...]

We love Tennessee!

We had such a great week! Zurac’s follow-up class in Tullahoma was fabulous. Our folks had SUCH GREAT QUESTIONS and wow, did he respond. These are not short and sweet answers: They are complex, layered, sensitive and sharp. The audio will be available soon ;-) Here’s a shot of me & Z in Tullahoma.   [...]

Big thank you’s and wahoo’s abound…

Our trip to Tennessee was a rousing success! (Insert appreciative noises and happy faces here!) First, I want to thank my lovely hosts/allies/bosom buddies Tracey and Dee. Y’all are teaching me what it means to be supported in this physical realm. I appreciate the lesson, and the myriad gifts that are attached. You ladies rock. Our Tennessee [...]

Highlight Reel 2013

This year has been pretty amazing. Some of what has occurred has been expected, some, not so much :-) Here are some highlights: In January, I did some unexpected, spur-of-the-moment traveling to beautiful places. In February this new version of the website was launched; the good news is, I still love it! In April and [...]


I recently read about the Pay As You Wish (PAYW) model, and I decided immediately I wanted to start using it in the mp3 shop. My experience with the shop has been varied. I’ve been asked to offer the mp3’s for free; I’ve been told I don’t charge enough for them; and there have been [...]

A little Purpose Fairy for you

  Check out my most recent Purpose Fairy article by clicking here. The topic is procrastination, so I suggest you don't wait ;-) Have a great week!


  So this is pretty funny... this post was all set up for 10/21/13, or so I thought. Evidently I scheduled it, but didn’t hit the publish button. The irony is that October 21st was the first day of Mercury retrograde; I’m sure there’s some message in this, but I’ve no idea what it is [...]

Zurac is always a welcome guest

To check out our October guest post on Roots and Feathers, click here. Laura's photos are a feast for the eyes and I dig her wardrobe; the gal's got style. Her self-revelatory posts are touching, too. Zurac shares some GREAT comments on self-worth, which are an excerpt from October's Conversation mp3. The full audio is [...]

Some event news…

Last Thursday I spoke at Acorn and Bull's monthly event in Durham, and I had a blast! Everyone was so cool and asked such great questions about Zurac and channeling. It was a pleasure to participate, and if you're a woman, absolutely check out the website above and attend an event, they're great fun. One [...]

Show a little love…

Over at Tiny Buddha, they have ever so kindly posted another of my articles right here. Portland is a damn fun city. I'm having a blast, and meeting wonderful, open-minded people. There is an easy sort of flow here I'm not sure I've experienced elsewhere. Talk soon,