SF Snaps

"San Francisco has only one drawback - 'tis hard to leave." Rudyard Kipling I did not expect to dig this city as much as I have. The people are very friendly; it's beautiful; and while I know the weather can be schizophrenic, I've been blessed with sun and generally warm temperatures. From what I've seen, [...]

New article on a new blog…

Check out my new article on the awesome Purpose Fairy blog. I really enjoy some of the articles on this site; head on over and show a little love! Have a wonderful week!    

April appreciation

The last 10 days have been so great! Zurac and I had (awesome) events in three new locations, and we leave for Nashville (another new spot) this week. I want to thank everyone who came out to the events, as well as everyone who helped make ‘em happen, by hosting, talking us up, and sharing [...]

New article…

on Tiny Buddha: Releasing Expectations: 4 Ways To Live Your Life for You... continue reading here   Have a wonderful week!    

An update from Maria (updated!)

The last six weeks have been a blur! There have been lots of lovely new people wanting sessions, inspiring social interactions, and a small but healthy dose of “me” time. I am appreciating the warmer weather and longer days; the connections I am making with new and old friends; and the enjoyment and pleasure with [...]

New article

on Tiny Buddha, check it out right here. Comment, share, send some love! Thanks all!

Home again, home again

Hello all! I'm back from my travels and resuming regularly scheduled programming, including one-on-one sessions and events. I had a really great time, saw some beautiful sights, ate some yum food, and met some sweet people. Here are a few pics to share... Me in Bali at the Bali Museum in Denpasar, the capital city.   [...]

Just a quick update…

that I’ll (we'll) be traveling for a few weeks, and returning in early February. If you'd like a session, contact me here and we’ll schedule it for when I return. I will be responding to email while I’m wandering, albeit not as quickly as I normally do.  Look for Zurac's February outlook on January 28, right [...]

New article

on Tiny Buddha. Check it out! Pushing Outside Our Comfort Zone: 3 Empowering Lessons  

A quick thank you

and a "wahoo!" about yesterday's event! Much appreciation to all who came, and for your wonderful, thoughtful questions on the topic. I had a great time, as did Zurac, and I'm super excited to move forward with this event format in 2013. The mp3 will be available on Tuesay. Contact me here if you'd like [...]