High Vibe much?

This is an excerpt from a recent High Vibe Bite, a new email offering I haven’t “officially” announced yet. Click here for more details on this lovely little self-care tool. Zurac’s comments, below, are in response to a question someone sent in. Zurac let her know what beliefs were triggered for her personally, but for [...]

Mercury possibilities…

And in the midst of all of this, Mercury goes retrograde... dang! Read on for what Zurac has to say about this mini-phase... Z – Many of you are aware, this Mercury retrograde period is occurring within a larger period of time that has been quite full of struggle for many. So please understand, there [...]

Timely commentary from Z

Maria here. A client who asks great, big-picture questions during his channeling sessions was having quite a conversation with Z about "all of this stuff going on" in the world. He was referring to the strain, and the changes, and the unexpected events that many people have been experiencing. He's kindly given his permission to [...]

July 2015 Outlook

I am wishing for all of you a smooth, lively month! Expect some surprises. Expect some triggers that you thought you had worked through. This is not a warning; it is rather a suggestion that you pay special attention. It would be quite easy to put one’s focus on the outside world as the cause [...]

Mercury, Mercury according to Zurac

I can talk about this month’s Mercury retrograde; most of you are already feeling the effects! The buildup to this has been quite intense, and a bit longer then normal. This tension, annoyance, anxiety, you have been feeling is indeed due to this Mercury retrograde. This is very much about NOT pointing the finger outside [...]

Some comments from Zurac on Mercury retrograde…

"Be aware of opportunities to fine tune not just your expression, but your listening skills. There will be times when you absolutely, positively believe you understand exactly what someone is saying - then something will come to light that will show you this was not the case. "While this is a common experience during Mercury [...]

June 2014 Outlook

"We are coming to a point where perhaps every month I could say a version of, “You may experience some tension, some stress, some surprising events…” This is not about promoting an environment of fear. This is not about encouraging you to be alway looking over your shoulder at what might be coming next. "I’d [...]

Mercury retrograde, round 1

This month’s Mercury retrograde snuck up on me. When I asked Zurac about it, he reminded me these comments about the astrological period dovetail very nicely with his February outlook. “This Mercury retrograde will be more about one’s communication with self. This may sound a bit odd. You are used to considering Mercury retrograde a [...]

November 2013 Outlook

Hi everyone! Zurac decided that his November outlook would include comments on Mercury retrograde, which started on the 21st. Check it out: “This will be an opportunity to address the deep belief systems that you HAVE been aware of. If you’ve been wondering how far along you are in certain areas of your life, this [...]

Embracing the change

This is from the group channeling event in Tullahoma, TN, on August 22. At the time, Zurac was speaking about tools and techniques that we use to support ourselves (and maybe others). I really like how he expresses about this topic, and it gets me thinking about more then tools. I always appreciate the reminder [...]