October 2013 Outlook

“This month will be an ongoing opportunity to explore the parts of you that are uncomfortable with unpredictability. You may find some issues to be more pressing then you would have expected, this month. Where you thought your focus would be, may not be where it will end up. This can be both pleasant, or [...]

A bit more support…

This quote is from the January 2013 "Conversations with Zurac" mp3. I, personally, am appreciating feeling a bit of extra support these days, and I like the energy around these comments. I hope you do as well. “Many people understand the soul is somewhere in here (motions toward the body). At the same time it [...]

September 2013 Outlook

“This month will be full of opportunity, opportunity to address many different belief systems, especially those in the category of structure and predictability. These will be poked, meaning, areas in one’s life where they felt as if they were set, as if they did not need to pay much attention, or that they had no [...]

Related to letting go…

In response to a question about how the past can affect our present and our future: “For most people, the experiences of the past and the beliefs that they built off of these experiences are what make them what they are now.  In terms of how they perceive themselves, this has every effect on the [...]

August 2013 Outlook

"There will be come continuation of what I will call July's experiences, meaning, you may find it very effective to relax and not push too hard to "make" things occur. It may continue to feel as if you are in a bit of a swampy area. You are not stuck, however, it is not easy [...]

Tell it

This is a great quote from Z from one of the monthly Conversation audios. He is talking about the traps we sometimes fall into when we are exploring our belief systems. “I will say, the more one feels that is unnecessary to ask questions about a particular topic, that would be a good sign that [...]

Heading to the beach this summer?

In response to a question about oneness, Zurac offered a beach metaphor that I found pretty powerful. I asked him to re-phrase it so I could post it here. “Perhaps now, you have a tendency to think of yourself as being on the beach; you have your towel, your bag, your umbrella, as well as [...]

July 2013 Outlook

“July will be a wonderful month to spend some time considering the changes you might perceive would be useful for you to make to reach your big picture goals. I do not refer to the “how much money I will make this year” or the “I would like to run a marathon” goals. Those are [...]


Zurac said something really wonderful to a client of ours that I want to share. The person he said it to happens to be a practitioner, working with clients; however, I think this is a great reminder for many of us. “This is... a very appropriate focus, to recognize that you have your path and [...]

June 2013 Outlook

“June will be a very active month. I mean this in terms of how your focus is spread over many different areas. There will be many people, situations, areas, etc that are requesting, or demanding, you focus on them... Your focus may be greater then you’ve noticed the past few months, meaning, your ability to [...]