“Humans are very, very, very good at making their beliefs true... This is perhaps the thing that humans are the best at, that they do not realize. Many people have... absolutely no idea how powerful they are in creating their beliefs. They are at times so wrapped up in the beliefs. They are so much [...]

May 2013 Outlook

“This month you may experience both a flow of creative energy or inspiration, as well as some feelings of overwhelm, or perhaps frustration. They are unrelated. Do not judge yourself if you feel a bit unfocused, or like things in your life are moving more slowly then you’d like. “Allow yourself to experience flow where [...]

This has been on my mind

Since I heard Zurac say it. It's from this month's Conversations audio. It can take me a while to wrap my head around the multiple layers he addresses in just a few, well-stated sentences. “Releasing the past is not about cleaning the slate of the past and the future; rather, releasing the past is about [...]

April 2013 Outlook

“While continuing taking the time to prepare for your desired future, in terms of clarifying your goals, the images for what you want for yourself, and the steps you will take to go about manifesting these desires for yourself, also, please, know that it is time to either begin, or to continue, letting go of [...]

Further comment

On March's outlook. Zurac had mentioned the importance of letting go of old models of competition, unfairness, failure and confrontation. I specifically asked him about the two that have been on my mind lately, and his answer was short, sweet, and thought-provoking: “The new models are simply that there is no such thing as competition [...]


This is part of Z’s response to a client who asked about learning from one’s mistakes and releasing the past. It’s been on my mind since he said it, so I decided to share it here. “It can be difficult to understand how to learn from one’s mistakes... I prefer to think of this as [...]

March 2013 Outlook

“This month may be a bit quieter than recent months... Use that quiet to prepare. It’s not about prepping for a storm or a hurricane. Rather, think of it as time to renew, rejuvenate, and build up your strength and resources. This is not to say that bad times are coming; it is more about [...]

First Mercury retrograde of 2013

From February 23th-March 17th Mercury will be in retrograde. I always like to hear what Zurac has to say about Mercury retrograde, because I feel it’s an opportunity to bust my beliefs about what it’s going to all mean... So, here’s his take: “Do not concern yourself with lack of communication, or poor communication with [...]

February 2013 Outlook

“The weather outside need not be a reflection of your inner world. Stay warm, which implies movement; cold implies stagnation and being a bit stuck. It is perfectly ok to hide in one’s warm house in their comfortable clothes in the cold winter months. However, do not allow your inner world to do the same. [...]

Lots of these coming up lately…

“Look at how you are feeling; is it serving you? Is it comfortable? It is time, now, to look at the puzzle pieces of your feeling self and fit them together, into a cohesive picture. For many of you, those pieces are, at this time, strewn across the table. By exploring each emotion, each feeling, [...]