A question…

Lots of people have been asking me, “what are some reasons I would have a channeling session?”

Well… for absolutely any reason that you’d like.

My experiences with channeling for clients is that we often have questions about what is happening in our lives. We are sometimes seeking guidance; we are feeling at a crossroads, or are thinking about maybe making some changes. We wonder how to formulate the future we really want.  Are there any suggestions as to how to continue fulfilling our potential?

Take, for example, Dan (all names changed for privacy purposes), a client who was having multiple career doors opening for him all at once. He was exploring the pros and cons of each choice and desired some input. Dan questioned Zurac about his concerns on each opportunity, and learned of some unconscious belief structures, as well as receiving some insights into each career project. Dan expressed a few weeks after the session that he had made a decision and was very pleased with the outcome.

For some clients a session is motivated by curiosity: what are the reasons we are experiencing some specific situations in our lives at this time? This can be simply inquisitively seeking… There is nothing more exciting then seeing ourselves in a new light and seeking some insight into those viewpoints. My clients find channeling to be informative and comforting in these instances.

In this vein, another client, Karen, asked Zurac questions regarding her recent relationship experiences. She had lately been experiencing old friends and clients seeking to re-connect with her, as well as some current friendships falling by the wayside. She was very interested in some insights to this relational experience. Zurac offered some observations regarding some unfolding patterns in her life and an invitation to explore those patterns at her leisure.

These are simply two examples of client interactions I have had.  In what situations might you choose to enjoy a channeling session and what questions would you ask?

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