So… what’s it like?

Having a channeling session, that is. I’ve had several people ask.

Whether you’re having a one-on-one session by Skype, or attending a group channeling event, it’s like talking to a great friend. A friend who is mellow, accepting, gentle, and funny. A friend who is supportive, an advocate for your goals and desires, and who makes useful and insightful suggestions into how to ease, or propel, you into creating the life that you want for you.

If it’s a one-on-one session by Skype, we’ll take a few minutes and I’ll answer any questions you have about your session… and then I’ll channel for you. It takes less then a minute for me to invite Zurac in. As a conscious, integrated channeler, I’ve been trained to generate a smooth experience of stepping into the background of my consciousness and inviting Zurac in to speak. It is a quick, graceful transition.

You can begin asking your questions right away. I suggest you have pen and paper available. Zurac offers a lot of information. Taking some notes allows you to later re-visit what Zurac has said. You can also record your session if you’d like.

If you’re attending a group channeling event, the channeling occurs in a public forum where people gather to ask their questions to Zurac. You can choose to simply listen to the other participant’s questions and the answers that are presented, or you can choose to ask your own question. A group event is delightful, and the social contact amongst the participants is very enriching.

Have you ever experienced a channeling, and what was it like?

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* this post was updated 12/18/13; there have been some changes to how we offer sessions, and those are reflected in this new version.