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You’re pursuing empowerment and personal insight, and you want something for yourself.

You’re engaged, motivated, and curious about your inner workings. You have a desire to dig deep, and an appreciation for out-of-the-box experiences.

You also know that changing your inner world is the most effective route to shifting your experience of the external world.

In your channeling session, Zurac will bring to light your unconscious mindsets, beliefs, or behaviors that are interfering with your most profound intention.

Expect energy shifts. Zurac often assists in cutting old energetic cords; this combined with your new inner awareness creates a fertile environment for leaving behind stale models and beliefs, while leaving you primed to decide on new ones for yourself.

What you need to know.

This offering is a 30- or 60-minute, one-on-one channeling session with Zurac.

I use Skype or FaceTime with video for sessions. If phone is preferable, mention it when you contact me.

I’ll audio record your session and send you a link to your mp3. Errors do occasionally occur! You’re always welcome to record your session as a back-up.

This is not a psychic reading, per se. While Zurac WILL offer suggestions to help you direct your energies and focus, he will not tell you what to do; you will not hear “you should” or “you must.”

He will insightfully respond to your questions without judgement, and with the utmost consideration for the fact that you have the power of choice at all times.

Still deciding?

Conversing with Zurac is ideal for:

Folks who know where they’re going and want to get there
more quickly and gracefully;

People who know where they can go and are feeling a little held back, or a little slowed in their progress;

Those who are in transition, and are in the process of
choosing what they want.

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