Some comments from Zurac on Mercury retrograde…

“Be aware of opportunities to fine tune not just your expression, but your listening skills. There will be times when you absolutely, positively believe you understand exactly what someone is saying – then something will come to light that will show you this was not the case.

“While this is a common experience during Mercury retrograde, I understand, I encourage you to take the opportunity to explore what about your listening skill leaves room for these misunderstandings? Because this does not only occur during Mercury retrograde. It is simply amped up in these particular times.

“This ability to listen with discernment will serve you well as your lives proceed. This is about removing factors that exist that do not actually relate to the conversation at hand. This is also about removing the pieces of yourself that inform you that you already “know.” This is not about adding anything in. As I’ve said before, when we are considering building skills, we are often thinking in terms of what will be added. However, building skills is just as often about leaving things out, or behind.”

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