December 2015 Outlook

This month will be a very well-timed experiment in evaluating where you stand with “seeking approval” from the outside world. You will have many opportunities to check in on this part of your experience!

Extrapolate a bit on what “seeking approval” means, for you. There are the classic examples; however, there are many, more subtle ways in which people do this, and they are just as powerful as the more obvious ways!

Approval = safety. This is not true, of course, however it is an equation that is made. There are very, very few humans who do not have a version of this belief system!

This month will be an excellent time to unravel some of your inner voices that push you, no, demand from you that you behave in some manner or other that will “force” others to approve of you. This is an odd thing to say, but it is how many of you experience the inner dialogue and dynamics that occur.

It is a time to be quite gentle with yourself!

Do not beat yourself up if you become aware of a new way in which you are seeking approval. Instead, recognize that your understanding of this belief system is growing, therefore your understanding of self is also growing!

This is a wonderful experience!
This is NOT about releasing all need to seek approval. This is unlikely to occur in this lifetime!

It IS about recognizing the ways in which you do so; in making more conscious decisions about when, where, and in what manners you do so; and in settling in with the idea that you are indeed human, and there are times when the comfort and support that can come from receiving approval is a very appropriate form of self-care, as well!

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