December 2016 Outlook

First, know, in terms of what you are personally experiencing, in terms of your attention to emotion, to the energetics of change, the reality of expanding and shifting your experiences: This month will be a blossoming.

There has been a long period of being quiet, assessing, considering, re-deciding, for some of you.

This month you will begin to pick the fruits that have been slowly ripening.

In terms of the larger concerns at hand:

I do not have words to ease all of your fears.

I do not have exercises that will cause you to suddenly feel comfortable with certain events that have occurred.

If I did, I would offer them, with great care.

What I have is the knowledge that fear does not create comfort.

Fear can be useful, this is true. Fear can motivate people to make change; it can signal the need to leave; it can show you that your more subtle sense of intuition was right, all along!

But it cannot create comfort.

I would like to be clear; by comfort I do not mean that you are comfortable with every emotion you feel and every experience that you, or others, may have.

I mean “comfort” in regards to your experience of self-trust; your knowing that you are capable of accepting and striving and creating change, whether this change is smooth and graceful or bumpy and difficult; by “comfort” I mean that you are trusting self, your intuition, your decisions, your desires, your emotions, all of it…

This sort of experience of wholeness is how you win – how you leave behind the fear.

Knowing self, trusting self – this does not mean you never feel fear!

It DOES mean you accept the fear as one of many emotions you experience, and you proceed. You are not paralyzed by it, you are not stunted by it – you CAN keep moving, you are quite capable of this…

If this comfort is what you seek, for Self, then focus your heart energy on what you desire.

Support yourself, and others. It is a time to hold your community close, and expand it.

Do not close your doors; leave them open to the sunshine, the fresh air, the birdsong.

This is your season.

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