Embracing the change

This is from the group channeling event in Tullahoma, TN, on August 22. At the time, Zurac was speaking about tools and techniques that we use to support ourselves (and maybe others). I really like how he expresses about this topic, and it gets me thinking about more then tools.

I always appreciate the reminder that letting go is not quite as difficult as parts of me would like to believe that it is.

“If there was something that you feel worked very well for you in the past, you may find that it is not working so well now. Do not be concerned about that shift. Rather, open yourself up to the new technique or way of thinking, for example, that will surely be presenting itself to you, if you desire to experience it. It is understandably easy to grow attached to something that was effective in the past. There are very many ways that that is represented in your world, to be attached to something that was very beneficial, pleasurable, etc, in the past. It will be very important once you see that this is no longer beneficial, to let it go.

“You may desire to mourn for a period. I encourage you to make that period a short one and to step forward into what will be presented to you as a new option. The new option will be ultimately more effective than the old. This is not to say that that particular piece of the journey will be smooth. It is not always, as you know. However, being open to the new option will assist in the movement towards it and it will be, as I said, more effective than the old. This is important to remember. The willingness to let go of what is no longer working, regardless of the relationship. Think of it as a relationship. It is very easy to let go when things have not been going well, when you have been unhappy, when this other thing has not been behaving well. It is much easier to let go in those situations. When all has been going well, and everybody seemed happy, and suddenly there is just not the connection that there once was, that is again, understandably, a more difficult situation to step away from.

“I encourage you to remember these words and when the time comes to, I will say, encourage yourself in a way to make it appropriate to step away from this old way of thinking, this old technique, this old tool, so that you can open up for the new.”

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