February 2015 Outlook

This month is an interesting animal. There is both a Mercury retrograde situation, as I will call it, occurring, as well as some other energetic aspects that are causing some unrest for some people.

Mercury retrograde tends to be time of un-groundedness, miscommunication, and over-concern for others. This last bit is perhaps a different take on Mercury retrograde then you are used to, however, it IS the case. Miscommunication often occurs due to one or the other or both parties responding to things that were not actually said. This behavior is often caused by an over-concern about what the other is thinking or feeling.

In terms of this month, it is a very appropriate time to catch yourself when you are feeling a bit overwhelmed about what you think others are feeling, or thinking. This is a behavior that is very draining to your energy and is rarely, if ever, useful.

This speaks to so many areas of your personal growth. It speaks to releasing control; it speaks to wanting to feel loved; it speaks to eating to have your expectations met; but most of all, it speaks to arrival, and releasing the overbearing need to feel as if you have everything figured out.

This is quite a human experience, to want to feel as if you have it all figure out! There is much comfort in this!

With the changes that have already occurred, as well as the changes that are continuing to come, releasing this desire for comfort-arrival will be necessary. I will say, for those who are very strongly desiring to hang on to their arrival-related belief systems, life will not be as smooth.

There will be many reminders of this as the year goes on, from me as well as through your experiences.

You are quite capable of moving through these belief systems. As always, I am here to assist. Be aware of the triggers this month. Notice when you are putting more emphasis on how others are feeling, or what you think they are thinking, vs how YOU are feeling in the moment. This will be very useful as you continue your journey to a greater definition of self-awareness and self-care.

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