February 2016 Outlook

You are entering into a phase of surprising triggers. You are entering into a phase in which many of you are experiencing challenges you did not expect to experience! Areas that you had not foreseen would cause you to react, to be triggered, etc.

Here’s what is happening: it is NOT that these challenges are new. It is rather that you are seeing them in a different way!

In the past, you said, “the outside world is the problem! This person should change, or this situation should be different, or, or…” Now, you are recognizing, “I need to change if I want the outside world to change” – and really it is YOUR change that shifts your perception of the outside world! The outside world does not always change!

This is occurring because your vision is wider, and your expansion is continuing, and because you are wanting more and more ease for yourself. Yes, it does not feel like ease now! But you are planning and working for your future self, yes.

Please remember, and choose to observe these experiences from the perspective of: “I have changed. I have grown. I am capable of seeing my reality with an empowered perspective, one in which I can choose how I will move forward.”

This will be a very powerful affirmation over the course of this month…

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  1. Shelly February 1, 2016 at 12:46 pm

    This resonates sooooo much!! Love the affirmation. Thanks Z (and Maria)!

    • Maria Moraca February 1, 2016 at 2:07 pm

      You’re welcome Shelly! Much love…

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