February 2017 Outlook

There is a great sense of discontent that many people are experiencing right now.

Do not think that this has only to do with what has occurred with the US election.

Yes, there are many people who did not get what they wanted, and they are very unhappy about that…

However, MANY people are feeling this energy of discontent! Regardless of whether they got what they wanted, or not!

Now: There is a type of unhappiness that spurs beings to move, to change, to shift their circumstances. It is a call to action, of sorts.

This particular internal sense of discontent I am speaking about IS NOT THAT TYPE.

I would like to be clear: I am very aware that there is a great movement and desire for change and many people are quite active in supporting that! This is wonderful!

That said: This particular vibration of discontent that is present at the moment does not support this activity.

It supports a sense of isolation; it supports a passivity; and it supports a feeling of overwhelm and of carrying too much weight.

This discontent lends itself to embracing feelings of anger and resentment and to forgetting what your desires and goals are.

This type of discontent that is currently present takes a grounded and conscious mind to transform.

It is very possible to do so!

It will not simply just occur, though. One must have a desire and a solid intention to do so.

I am not suggesting that all external activity is necessary – meaning, political action. This is for you to choose.

What WILL BE necessary to transform this feeling is a conscious intent to continue to care for self; to support and build your intimate communities of friends, family, and other loved ones; and to choose how you personally will move forward with your life.

One is not SUPPORTED by this particular energy of discontent to create change.

You must SUPPORT yourselves, and others, to create the shifts you desire to experience.

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