For our bookworms…

I have a confession to make; I LOVE to read.

There’s nothing I like more then an afternoon curled up on my couch with something well-written and thought-provoking.

I used to think it was boring to say I liked to read; when someone asked what I did for fun, I might mention it, but it’d be a ways down the list, below leisurely bike rides, checking out coffee shops, travel, and shopping for ankle boots online.

I’m over that, now 😉

I’ve also recognized that part of the reason I love reading so much is because it’s how I assimilate information the most readily. Audio doesn’t do it for me, and video is only so-so.

This in mind, I’ve recently binge-added a book section to the website!

These books are transcriptions of audio files, events, and portions of workshops. It’s all Zurac, all the time, except for the introductions.

All of the files are PDF’s, and can be read on your laptop, tablet, or your e-reader. Or print ‘em out and do it up old school.

However you imbibe, get comfortable, pour a beverage of your choice, and feel Zurac’s nurturing energy flow through his words as you settle back and read…


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