Grab your personal power and…

Last week Zurac and I were privileged to teach a workshop at Simple Bliss Salon and Spa in Raleigh.

Our topic was Empowerment (what else?).

We had a REALLY tight group of folks. Everyone asked great questions, and there was a palpable sense of support for one another the entire day.

Zurac was spot on with the tools he shared, as well as his individualized suggestions for everyone on how to seize their personal power and hang on with both hands…

I had some pretty cool things to say, too 😉

And our feedback was fab!

“It was a most interesting and amazing day!”

“Great! Super accurate… I was surprised/pleasantly overwhelmed…”

“Loved everything!”

Can’t get much better then that, eh?

(Did you miss this workshop? We’re doing another in August, so no worries!)

To everyone who attended: thanks for allowing Zurac and I to share some space with you, and thank you for caring for YOU.

Much love,

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