High Vibe much?

This is an excerpt from a recent High Vibe Bite, a new email offering I haven’t “officially” announced yet. Click here for more details on this lovely little self-care tool.

Zurac’s comments, below, are in response to a question someone sent in. Zurac let her know what beliefs were triggered for her personally, but for me, this explanation about how release works, and how to ease into change, felt really relevant right now.

(This is published with her permission, of course.)

“It is simply TIME for these personal beliefs to rise, for you. This is both what you have created for yourself – think of it as the next rest stop on your trip – as well as the type of energy release that is very much supported in this particular season.

These thoughts, beliefs, mindsets, VERY WAYS OF THINKING that are so integral to your makeup, that are so much a part of you that you cannot feel any separation… These were very subtly, yet in a very solid and physical way, etched into your blackboard of subconscious rules and regulations.

Don’t try to go too fast, too quickly. This is NOT about having beliefs like “change is hard,” or, “it cannot happen overnight.” This is rather about the complexities of being a physical being; this is about the inter-wovenness of these belief systems you hold; this is about NOT oversimplifying release of old energies.

You cannot simply reach in and say, “I will throw out these shoes because they no longer fit me.” You will also then need to go through your clothing, and give away all of the pants that you wore with those shoes. You will need to go through your sock drawer and give away all the socks that you specifically bought to wear with those shoes. You will also, potentially, want to purchase new shoes!

It is a subtle, layered, and at times delicate dance, to release these energies in a true and deep way. I am not referring to logically informing yourself that you have moved past something! This is not what you want. This DOES work for many people! And when I say it works, I mean, they are satisfied, on some level, with themselves when they create this type of change. I am not criticizing!

It is indeed a great shift for many people, to be able to separate from a thought enough to say, “I don’t think this anymore.” This, however, is not what YOU seek. You are desiring a deep-level type of shift that DEMANDS that you interact with your inner world in a different way then many people are. I am offering a clearer model on how to consider your changes…”

Keep on keeping on, y’all.

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