Highlight Reel 2013

This year has been pretty amazing. Some of what has occurred has been expected, some, not so much 🙂

Here are some highlights:

In January, I did some unexpected, spur-of-the-moment traveling to beautiful places.

In February this new version of the website was launched; the good news is, I still love it!

In April and in August I did some more intentful, work-related travel, had wonderful group channeling events, and met some pretty great people (I’m looking at you, Tullahoma and Nashville!).

In July I went to San Francisco and Portland (I forgot how to take pictures when I was in Oregon) – this trip was a blend of work and play and man, was it a blast!

I also enjoyed a bit of a re-introduction to my current hometown this year – trying new restaurants, exploring fresh hangouts, and enjoying this not-quite-southern town in the South.

By my count, I did 19 group channeling events in 2013, public and private.

I published 47 blog posts, including this one.

I was featured or interviewed on 3 different blogs.

I had 9 articles published on other great blogs like Tiny Buddha and Purpose Fairy.

Most importantly: I’ve met SO many lovely people. Y’all have been awesome. The support I’ve received has been invaluable, and my gratitude is greater than I can express.

As a result of all of these experiences, I’ve seen my perspective on personal growth shift in a way that, I suspect, I will benefit from for life.

I have multiple people to credit for this shift in perspective.

Zurac (obviously) plays quite a role in my personal growth. I am regularly amazed at his gentleness, timing, and insights.

Much appreciation and gratitude to my teachers , who I’ve been working with for almost 10 years. They’ve trained me to channel, and in the practice of Processology, and I continue to work with them, addressing topics that are important to me.

I also want to thank all of you.

Your bravery in seeking out answers to your deep questions is inspiring. It is also, at turns, precious, touching, and profound.

I’ve learned that you all are seekers who want to dig deep and embrace your power. You’re excited by your potential, and dammit, that is impressive.

Where possibility lies, excitement reigns.

Here’s wishing you all the possibility you can imagine for an amazing 2014…


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