January 2016 Outlook

This month, it is a common time to re-evaluate, reassess, check in with self. Please, take the time to do all of these things.

I believe you will find that some old beliefs you had, and that you may still be assuming that you have, no longer fit for you. I believe you may enjoy the opportunity to slow down and re-evaluate some relationships, some plans, some ideas that you have had about self for a very long time.

It is not uncommon for me to suggest doing this. Your lives, and your inner worlds, are changing much more quickly then they have in the past – it is necessary to occasionally take a breather and catch up!

Making changes in beliefs does not “automatically” mean the belief is gone. You may decide, consciously, that you do not want to continue a particular pattern of belief or behavior, and you create some space in your life for a change. Wonderful! This does not mean, however, that the complete energetic vibration of that belief is gone. You are aware of this – sometimes remnants will remain, and you will continue to work through or shift these patterns.

The reverse is also true… when a belief shifts, without your conscious intent, it happens so swiftly that you do not realize it, and some of your patterns of thoughts, or truly automatic behaviors, continue. This is simply because you have not fully integrated the changes! You have not had a quiet moment to recognize that the belief no longer is motivating you!

In the absence of this integration, sometimes “old” ways of being continue.

This month will be a wonderful time to sift thru your ways of being, and learn which ones are no longer supported, no longer feel like you, and no longer feel necessary as you are enjoying your life and expanding your experiences with your inner Self. Enjoy the exploration!

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