July 2015 Outlook

I am wishing for all of you a smooth, lively month!

Expect some surprises. Expect some triggers that you thought you had worked through.

This is not a warning; it is rather a suggestion that you pay special attention.

It would be quite easy to put one’s focus on the outside world as the cause of the emotion one feels, particularly because the emotion will tend to be in the neighborhood of “things you have already worked on.”

This is a phase of the old rising up again!

This is not to taunt, or punish you.

It is to allow you to seek a bit deeper; it is to allow you to find some deeper parts of yourself that you would like to get to know, perhaps to let go of.

This is about dancing with the past in a more intensive way. There will be opportunities for this over the next several weeks.

Do not be concerned! This, again, is not a punishment.

It is an opportunity. It is a gift.
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