July 2016 Outlook

This month is, in a way, a continuation of last, in terms of the types of experiences many of you will have.

Tensions are high. There have been many triggering moments, and some resultant confusion, for many of you!

The amount of information you are learning from these triggered moments has been a bit overwhelming – it has been a rush, or a waterfall! – of details about Self and it has been quite a lot to take in!

I repeat, as I often do: take care of Self, and watch for the many opportunities that will arise to fine-tune your skill of self-compassion!

Self-judgment is so prevalent for many of you – and you call it many other things! – and there is such a value on this as a behavior, in your culture, that it is hard to see it for what it is, which is criticism that is generally NOT constructive or instructive!

This self-care, self-compassion, is KEY in these months where there is so much information you are processing. Energetic changes are happening alongside, hand-in-hand with, this information processing, and it takes time to get a clear picture of where you are NOW, and how you feel NOW.

You are the snow globe that has been shaken up – and this will continue! The snow has not yet settled, and you do not know what your new landscape will look like, yet.

So while the snow is flying, enjoy it. There is beauty in the storm, even when you prefer sunny skies.


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