July 2017 Outlook

Dig deep; remember WHO YOU ARE.

Continue to delve into your core and to know YOU better and better.

Give yourself permission to leave behind parts of you that no longer serve. This includes beliefs and mindsets; however it also includes friends, jobs, hobbies, physical items, and, perhaps most importantly, stories that you tell about yourself and your experiences.

These stories are rarely about sharing history, or acknowledging your experiences, or holding space for who you were.

They are most often about keeping you in a cycle that no longer serves; or about maintaining a way of being that it is no longer necessary, or helpful, for you to experience.

You will be supported in creating these types of changes for yourself.

This is real. It is key, and it is possible to do so at new depths.

Do not get caught up in what your ego believes about my words. Feel my words, and if they resonate, then take them in however that feels appropriate for you.

There is no place for ego in this exchange.

You will be supported in these changes.

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