June 2014 Outlook

“We are coming to a point where perhaps every month I could say a version of, “You may experience some tension, some stress, some surprising events…” This is not about promoting an environment of fear. This is not about encouraging you to be alway looking over your shoulder at what might be coming next.

“I’d prefer to assist you in learning about where your skills and strengths lie, as well as perhaps pointing out some skills that could be focused on, that could be made stronger, by your effort and focus.

“For this month I’d suggest paying attention to your ability to roll. I refer to rolling with whatever occurs; I refer to avoiding rigidity, to avoiding hardness and straight lines. Reach for flexibility, for curves, and for flow through these curves, as opposed to stopping. Keep the movement going. Do not allow yourself to get so caught up in your thoughts that you stop. Simply keep moving…”

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