June 2016 Outlook

This month is a very good time to pay attention to what you are noticing about YOU. I will be more specific, here!

This month and beyond will be a time in which you will notice that a side of you that you have tucked away; or perhaps explained away, or otherwise made unimportant, will be very UP.

By this I mean: the behaviors that you exhibit that you have convinced yourself do not require any attention; or that you have rationalized, or somehow, perhaps with the support of others, have decided are understandable… these behaviors will be very obvious, they will be “in your face,” and you will notice, in a new way, the affects these behaviors have on your life and your interactions.

None of this is said with malice, or criticism! It is not time to dig in and start criticizing self, either!

It is simply a time to notice what is happening within, how you are being triggered, and to approach this introspection with a bit more of an open mind then you have in the past.

If you take this on, it will require a balance of willingness to look at your own behaviors with a more critical, yet kind eye; partnered with a desire to create a more empowered model on self-care.

For many of you, self-care has INCLUDED explaining away, or making excuses for, your own behaviors. There is nothing wrong with this, of course, and there are times when this is a very valid form of self-care!

However, in this month and beyond, this will not work. Rationalizing, intellectualizing, etc, WILL NOT WORK. It will leave you feel flat and unsatisfied.

It is a period of deeper internal vision, and a phase of drawing out what has been “normal” for you, or a part of your personality so integrated that you have not readily recognized it.

In this phase you will have much support in distancing yourself from your judgements about these behaviors – because of course this is the problem, yes? The judgments! If you did not judge these behaviors, you would not have to explain them away, or brush them under the rug, or, or. They would simply be, and you would simply be, and perhaps you would decide it was time to disconnect from them…

Acceptance is key with these concepts of energy release, or releasing the past.

This cannot occur without acceptance of the piece that you desire to leave behind.


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