June 2017 Outlook

It is a wonderful time to take stock of what you know, about YOU.

What are your skills, your qualities, your strengths?

Think outside of the box in this regard!

Recognize that you have more skills then you have acknowledged.

Get to know these skills intimately. Have them on a list, or name them in a meditation.

These cannot be taken from you; I refer to skills you have built and continue to expand; I also refer to qualities – perhaps you are a good listener; perhaps you are pulled to see difficult situations with a compassionate eye.

These tendencies are what I am calling “qualities” in this context.

Qualities and skills cannot be taken from you.

This is not about ego. This is not about, “I am good at this and this and this…”

It is about self-recognition, self-acknowledgement, and yes, self-validation.

You will, if not now, then in time, recognize the difference between your self-aggrandizing ego and a simple KNOWING of Self.

This is a very wonderful time to cultivate this knowing. And to hold close these qualities and skills and know that they are what makes you resilient and where your strength lies.

Strength does not come from the support of others; this can be helpful, but it is not true strength.

You strength also does not depend on whether life is going your way, or not.

Your strength is your qualities, skills, and your sense of Self.

It is a very appropriate time to step outside of your intellectual grasp of these words into a true knowing of this truth.

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