We love Tennessee!

We had such a great week!

Zurac’s follow-up class in Tullahoma was fabulous. Our folks had SUCH GREAT QUESTIONS and wow, did he respond. These are not short and sweet answers: They are complex, layered, sensitive and sharp.

The audio will be available soon 😉

Here’s a shot of me & Z in Tullahoma.

Thanks buckets to our peeps there who came out! We appreciate you so much and are grooving on sharing in your journey…

Next, it was Nashville for the Galactic Expo. 

It was our first time, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I was planning on just going with the flow…

The Expo started off with a bang; I was the very first seminar speaker Saturday morning! I had a full house, and Zurac visited at the very end to say “hi!” and to offer a brief message.

expo chan copy
Once I was back in the booth, my lovely assistants Dee and Tracey (go Team Zurac!) chatted and mingled with the crowd and before we knew it, Zurac’s schedule for mini-sessions was booked solid.

Sunday continued on in much the same vein. The crowd was smaller, but Zurac’s schedule was almost full and he was attracting especially interesting folks. 

Here’s a shot of Team Zurac right before the Expo opened it’s doors Saturday morning.

 Team Zurac
We met such great people! We laughed, we re-connected with past pals and we found quite a few new ones, too.

I was amazed at how easy it was to channel Zurac in such a populated location. He took very good care of me and my energy. Interestingly, I was not particularly tired at the end of each day. 

I am always in awe of Zurac’s skill in connecting with those he speaks to. He was so gentle, yet incisive, and many of the people he spoke with were visibly moved by his words. It was quite touching to experience.

I was reminded again and again of how much support and care he offers, in so many ways.

We’re looking forward the the next time 🙂

A special “hi!” and great big hugs to everyone we saw and met this week. See y’all in June!

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