March 2016 Outlook

What many people will continue to experience this month are episodes of feeling quite triggered, with great confusion as to the “why.” So, feeling deep and intense emotion about something that occurs, without being able to come up with an explanation that feels rational to you; and many of you recognize just how frustrating of an experience this is!

For most of you, emotion is ok to feel if you can explain it; or if there is an event you can attach it to.

A relationship breaking up is seen as difficult, and there are a plethora of emotions that it is “acceptable” to feel when this occurs.

However, what if there is no breakup, or job loss? What if your life is going along quite smoothly at the moment, yet you feel emotions that are associated with a traumatic event?

Are you kind enough with Self to simply ALLOW those emotions to occur, without needing to deny them, or explain them away, or inform yourself and others why you have no right to feel this way, or to figure out what past life these emotions are stemming from, or, or…

This will be occurring for many this month.

My suggestion is to practice this ALLOWING. To practice not needing to explain or to rationalize…

There are various reasons these emotions will be rising to the surface. I do not wish to explain because that will become your reasoning, your why!

Simply know, this will be occurring, and practice your acceptance of yourself and your feelings.

This will be a VERY wonderful skill for you to have as your life progresses. This will also support your continued practice of connecting with Self.

Also know: your particular willingness to do this, to accept what you are feeling, will create space for others around you to do this as well.

This is a kindness, not just for Self, but for all.

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