May 2016 Outlook

“This month some of the frustration that many people have been feeling will be lifting; there will be an easing, of sorts, and many of you will appreciate this change!

What WILL be a common experience will be the sense that there is something coming, something that you have been waiting for…

It is not that this will not be the case. It, is, however, not necessarily the case!

This “waiting for what will come next” is more of a symptom of the experience of dissatisfaction. There are times when people have this feeling, and it is true, something is coming!

However, more often, people experience this feeling when they are displeased with what their current life looks like – or a piece of their life: their job, their relationship, etc.

Often when people feel as if something exciting or new is coming, they simply sit back and wait for it. They wait for the “new” thing to show up in their lives.

This is NOT what I’d suggest you do.

If you begin to feel as if something is coming, look at our life. What pieces of it have you been desiring to change? What parts have you felt bored in, or as if you have outgrown them, or…?

Then DECIDE what it is you want to change, and make moves to begin these changes.

Do not wait for change to fall in your lap. Changes that occur without your conscious intent, without some desire on your part, are often not changes that you end up enjoying that much.

Take a more affirmative, empowered approach this month to this feeling, and go after what you want, instead of waiting for it to show up in your life.

You will be supported in creating conscious change for yourself.”

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