May 2017 Outlook

This month will be interesting, for many of you. Yes, I am aware of all of the connotations of this word!

There will be quite a bit of what feels like instability. There will be quite a bit of potential disappointment. This is not a warning, per se!

It is a suggestion that you take the opportunity to evolve how you choose to perceive life events.

It is a recommendation that you prepare yourself for the opportunities that will continue to abound in your life for internal “clean up”!

Many of you are feeling as if you have done quite a bit of internal work; that you are tired of doing this sort of work; and that you should not have to do any more of this type of internal investigation!

Many of you are swinging in the direction of: “It’s the outside world that should change, not me.”

I will not comment on the appropriateness of outside world change, at this time!

I will say, as I have in the past, and will again in the future: Your experience of empowerment is what shifts your perspective on your external world. AND: your personal energy shifts and the way they influence your small world have a greater effect then you recognize on the larger world.

Arguably, your small world changes have a greater affect on the energy of the planet then the big-picture changes some of you long to reach for, that feel overwhelming and impossible.

I am not suggesting not to dream and plan and do in terms of changing the world!

I am, however, unequivocally stating: a sense of overwhelm and impossibility does nothing to support those types of change.

Focusing on self, and your changes, and what you, at any given moment, feel you have power over, is key.

If you are not feeling particularly empowered, then recognize the ways in which you certainly ARE: choose one or two small ways you will engage in self care that day; remind yourself that you are indeed making a conscious decision to take care of self, in that moment. That is a very pertinent piece when we discuss personal power.

On a day when you are feeling more solid, and recognizing your place in this world more easily – reach for the actions that assist in creating larger change.

All of these activities are completely up to you; choose those that are a good fit, for you.

And remember: Your experience of empowerment is what allows you to move through your life experiences with resilience and with flexibility.

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