Mercury, Mercury according to Zurac

I can talk about this month’s Mercury retrograde; most of you are already feeling the effects! The buildup to this has been quite intense, and a bit longer then normal.

This tension, annoyance, anxiety, you have been feeling is indeed due to this Mercury retrograde. This is very much about NOT pointing the finger outside to pinpoint the source of your irritation; this IS very much about looking within.

It is time to recognize that it is NOT the outside world’s task to meet your expectations; it is NOT the outside world’s responsibility to smooth your emotions, or to validate you, or to acknowledge your successes.

This is VERY much in the forefront for people now.

These “new” models of independence and autonomy are not yet solidified. Many people are in the process of deciding what this means for them, and there is some confusion!

What does autonomy look like? What does autonomy look like within families, with relationship, within the communities that many of you are seeking to create for yourselves?

I will say, here: autonomy does NOT mean you do not receive, or cannot accept, or should not ask for, support.

Autonomy means you can graciously accept what is offered without expectation or demand. Autonomy means you can request, without feeling triggered by ego.

Autonomy does NOT mean support does not exist!

This is your greatest takeaway, potentially, this Mercury retrograde.

So pay attention to your feelings of irritation. Look within for the cause; and know that you are, indeed, supported.

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