Mercury possibilities…

And in the midst of all of this, Mercury goes retrograde… dang!

Read on for what Zurac has to say about this mini-phase…

Z –

Many of you are aware, this Mercury retrograde period is occurring within a larger period of time that has been quite full of struggle for many. So please understand, there is a larger effect at work. This is to specifically speak about the details around this Mercury retrograde period, that you may very well experience.

Now: Right and wrong. Good and bad. These are dichotomies you ALL struggle with. Although this is not new information – you are aware assigning all of these values is not useful! – it is still quite difficult for you to NOT do so!

This is a very complex and complicated behavior to shift. It happens in small increments, not all at once!
This phase of Mercury retrograde will be a very opportune time to notice your tendency to assign a value. Good, bad, yes, no, etc.

This will indeed show up in your communication snafus, as well as the other, shall I say, stressful events that can occur during Mercury’s time.

Please be aware of how you assign these values!

I cannot say this more simply, or with a stronger suggestion. This is a very, very wonderful time to notice this behavior that you exhibit, and to make a shift.

To begin to understand at a deeper level what remaining flexible means; to experience more readily the ease that can exist when you are not feeling as if your expectations have not been met; to experience yourself more deeply as a soulful being, when the inner dialogue judging who is wrong and who is right, is not playing out… These are things you ALL desire to do.

Use this period as an opportunity to do your self-work in this area. You will have many changes, if you prepare yourself to see them. You are also very supported in this pivotal shift at this time.

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